Tricks For Sale: Demos

Above: Nutty Surprise $85.00

Above: Pete’s Tweezers $97.50


Above: Dean Dill does Ken Brooke’s Comedy Rope $45.00

Above: Plumber’s Pole from Stevens Magic $52.50

Joe Porper’s AmaZeRing – $350.00

Above: Demo of Pete’s Peeper, my comedy Thimble Routine. $27.50 plus shipping.

Above: Demo of FRED KAPS’ Cups and Balls – See my book for sale on this.

Above: Joe Porper’s Master Locking Key, $450.00 buy at

Above: My Favorite: POKER CHIP SURPRISE. Buy for $89.95 at

Above: Best Dye Tube for this available for $36.00 from

Above: JUST-IN-CASE, my reel-less Ring Flight, available for $200.00 from

Cyril at Dean Dill’s “shopping for material for a coming TV special in China” goes
over TWEEZERS routine with Dean.